Bruce Saunders Selected Discography


2013 - The Bruce Saunders/Eric Halvorson “Art & Science” (Strasnge Planet Records)

2013 - The Bruce Saunders Quintet “Drift” (Strasnge Planet Records)

2012 - Terry Bowness "Regeneration" Organ Trio Regeneration - Terry Bowness

2008 - Don Falzone "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors" Stand Clear of the Closing Doors - Don Falzone
Donny McCaslin, Adam Rogers

2007 -Tom Cohen "The Guitar Trio Project" Tom Cohen
Ben Monder, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Rez Abbasi.

Bruce Saunders is new to me, but his thoughtful and understated reading of 'Cherokee' is a delight. So too is his more knotty and dense playing on Joe Henderson’s “In ‘n Out.” Cadence Jazz Magazine

One of the best-kept secrets of 'The Guitar Trio Project' is Bruce Saunders, an abundantly creative six-stringer who has been flying under the radar for the past 20 years on the New York scene. His slowed down, 5/4 rendition of 'Cherokee' and his odd intervallic leaping on Joe Henderson’s “In ‘n Out” provide some high points here..." Jazz Times

2006 - The Alan Ferber Nonet "The Compass" (Fresh Sound/New Talent) The Compass - Alan Ferber Nonet

2006 - The Bruce Saunders Quintet “8 x 5” (Mel Bay Records) 8X5 - The Bruce Saunders Quintet

2004 - The Bruce Saunders Quartet "True That"
David Berkman, Gerald Cleaver, Johannes Weidenmuller

2004 - The Alan Ferber Nonet "Scenes From An Exit Row" (Fresh Sound/New Talent) Scenes from an Exit Row - Alan Ferber Nonet

2002 - The Bruce Saunders Quartet “Fragment” (Moo Records) Fragment - Bruce Saunders

2000 - Chris Carroll “Facing Away” (Invisible Records) Facing Away - Chris Carroll

1999 - Mike Freeman “Stomp” (VOF Recordings) Wiggle Stomp - Mike Freeman
Ed Uribe, Harvie Swartz, Kip Reid

1999 - Barbara Sfaga “Oh, What A Thrill” (Naxos Jazz)
Mark Murphy, Fred Hersch

1998 - Bruce Saunders “Likely Story” (MOO Records).
Featuring Peter Erskine, Dave Pietro, Dave Carpenter, Otmaro Ruiz.

1998 - Strange Pursuit “Fifth House”
Eric Halvorson and Bruce Huron

1998 - Dave Pietro “Wind Dance” (Challenge Records) Wind Dance - Dave Pietro
Featuring Dave Pietro, Dave Holland, Kenny Werner & Bill Stewart.

1996 - Bluth (Garbonzobean Records)
Featuring Zach Danziger, Pete Davenport, Tim LeFebvre, Wayne Krantz, Lincoln Goines

1996 - The New York Guitar Trio “Raising The Standard” (Midi Records)
With guitarists Ben Monder and Steve Cardenas

1995 - Bruce Saunders “Jazz Hymns” (Midi Records) Jazz Hymns - Bruce Saunders
With Steve Cardenas and Pedro Eustache

1995 - Bruce Saunders “Forget Everything” (Moo Records)
Featuring Jack DeJohnette, Michael Cain, Tony Scherr and Dave Pietro.

1994 - Strange Pursuit “The Zone” (Red Hook Records)
Featuring Eric Halvorson and Bruce Huron

1994 - Michael Cain “Strange Omen” (Candid Records). With Cain and percussionist Glen Velez Michael Cain







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