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NEW - Hexatonic Scales and Patterns








From Jerry Bergonzi's "Hexatonics" with additions for guitar chord voicings

Melodic MInor Study

This is a PDF of a lot of melodic minor exercises that I consolidated into one file.


Approach Notes

Diminished Patterns

Triad Pairs

Whole Tone Patterns

NEW Fourth Voicings (from "Modern Blues" Mel Bay Publications

Here are a few pages from Jazz Pentatonics (Mel Bay). This lesson concerns the minor seventh pentatonic which is the scale most familiar to most guitarists but these applications of the scale might be a little different than what you are used to.

minor seventh pentatonics

Something we've been exploring in my improvisation classes at Berklee(among other things) is combining triads and pentatonics. This PDF shows a couple of examples of this usage.

triads & minor seventh pentatonics

audio for triads and minor 7th pentatonics (slow, pause, then fast versions)

These pages are from Mick Goodrick's book "Almanac of Guitar Voice Leading". This is a really great book and you can buy it here:


In the meantime, check out a couple pages that are dealing with Drop 2's:

drop 2 cycles

closed and spread triad cycles C major

I really, really like Joe Henderson's music and playing and style. This transcription of "Gazelle" was written in 4/4 (according to the great drummer Mike Hyman, who played with Joe) but I have put it in mixed meter; it's easier for me that way. Feel free to put it in 4/4 (just don't ask me to do it, please).