Most of the short video clips are for the class forum of the Berklee Online courses I teach: Guitar Chords 101, Jazz Guitar 101 and Advanced Jazz Guitar (click for Berklee Online Link)

Chords & Comping

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Video Links

An explanation of the term drop 2

Explain Drop 2

Comping Autumn Leaves

Comp Autumn Leaves

Brett Willmott Giant Steps voicings

Brett Giant Steps

Drop 3 cycle 3

Drop 3 cycles

Drop 2 "cycles" from Goodrick "Almanac"

Drop 2 cycles

Brett Willmott Enharmonic Substitutions

Enharmonic subs

Brett Willmott Rhythm changes voicings

Willlmott comp Rhythm Changes

George Van Eps Triads harmonic minor

Van Eps open triads

Scales & Arpeggios

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Video Links

C major Arpeggio Exercise

C Arpeggio Exercise

Bebop scales across barline All the Things

Bebop scale across bar line

Minor 7 pentatonic scale exercise

Min7 Pentatonic scale exercise







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